Today I am Cumulate

The Story

I am just so excited that it is finally happening! I have been waiting literally decades for this, ever since I first made it out into the world.

Now, I have indeed already had some great adventures. The Pacific Ocean was a great place to pop up and float through, seeing all those strange creatures at the bottom and then all the wiggly ones near the top. Then I traveled a long way and ended up raining on the Congo. It really was an honor to be a part of the river basin there. Excellent animals, but oh the noise! It was just too loud there. I was glad to steam out of there at long last. After that I spent what felt like forever in a little lake somewhere cold. It was a joy to watch the big geese come and go through the seasons, but it seemed each winter that we were the ones with the least to do, having the least fun. I was very jealous, and so very pleased when I got to rise up again for a new experience.

And now, now I get to see what everyone has been talking about! I felt it early this morning. Our whole community was getting awfully heavy and cold, but I did not want to get too excited. I have seen that before and just ended up as rain again, slapping against blurry umbrellas over and over gets so boring. But this time it was different. Everyone started shaking and shimmering with anticipation, turning themselves into brilliant frozen diamonds. I followed suit.

Then the fall.

Oh the fall is so much better like this! It is diving through the air like those big birds who skim the ocean surface. It is slicing through wind like some elegant sword.

As instructed, I grab hold of as many of my friends as I can reach and down we tumble. They know this is my first time, so they let me be in the middle of our little formation. We branch continuously until we are a proper form, which slows us but the thrill is still there! And there is this musical silence to our descent. It is almost a rushing, but nothing like the fast breach I rode with the whales or the loud splatters on forest leaves. This is the sound of us alone, muffling the noise of the surrounding world into a quiet hum. I love it!

I try to enjoy this moment, heaven knows when I will see one like it again. But, cannot help anticipating the next. Will we be the dusting on a picturesque pine, crouched next to a cardinal’s nest? Or maybe one of those big creatures I have heard we can be rolled into? Or MAYBE we might be formed into one of the smaller balls and thrown again! Oh to fly like this once more!

We are zooming toward Earth and it is just so beautiful from up here. I see we have an audience! Lots of people have come out to watch us, and they are in all shapes and sizes just like us! Isn’t that adorable? I steer us until we are above one of the smaller ones because he just looks so cute, all bundled up in his purple scarf and yellow-tussled hat. I decide this would be a lovely place to land, and so as we melt to a slower cadence. We are now just enough big and bright for him to admire us, so we land on his curly black eyelashes. He looks up to our old cloud home, and I can see all of us falling through the same race I have just completed. We are truly breathtaking. A mittened hand wipes me away, and I begin to melt into the warm wool. I don’t even mind, a rest would be nice after such a wonderful occasion.

Ah, what a lovely ride. I hope to be a snowflake again soon.

The Word

Cumulate (verb): 1. To gather or pile in a heap. 2. To combine into one.

Yay snow! Our many inches have almost melted away here, but there are still many piles left. I had this thought driving by one today about how much a bummer it must be to be one of the snowflakes stuck in that pile instead of going back through the the cleansing experience of the water cycle (or… what I imagine is a cleansing experience, as I myself have actually never been a raindrop).

This story is very short for two equally important reasons:

  1. I wanted to try my hand at a children’s-story level, and those tend to have short lengths. It’s actually difficult to make a character clear and multifaceted in a short amount of time, so you may see me work on this again in the future, as I have obviously not mastered it on my first go-around. If I had, you’d see this published in Times next week (if this is published in Times next week, I will update this section).
  2. Today has been a very long day at work and I have a cold.

I have found many famous writers who create their best work for similar sets of reasons. Although, writers are also known for making up statistics about each other  to suit our needs… so who knows 😉

Stay warm, stay together, stay excited!