Hello! Hey! Howdy! Salutations!

You found me! Were you looking for me, or have we met by chance?

Well, that’s the thing about words. Sometimes they are found before they’re needed; sometimes we cannot find them at all. Ever-present, they live on the tip of our pen or stuck in the back of our throats.

So how did we get from there to here?

My whole life I have wanted to be a writer. Occasionally the exact style of writer will change. As a kid, I wrote biographies in my diaries, as well as on the walls of my bedroom. Poems were presented on the spinning stool in the kitchen while my mother held her breath over my balance. Newspapers covered the entire kitchen table for a whole week, and then all household members were gifted with “The Towler Times,” a required reading. My family lovingly tolerated… a lot.

Now I am a Tech Writer at a Tech Company and I write Tech Things. This is rewarding in its own way, but does not feed that hunger for story. Story is what has yet to come out of me, at least in a complete capacity. I create these long, elaborate chapters without ends, climaxes without beginnings, characters with no homeland. I am very proud of my scattered puzzle pieces, but they need a board to play on, to play together. So just like everything else in life at which we wish to succeed, it’s back to the basics. BE the ball, every single gym-coach says. Well, then to master the words, I guess I need to BE the word. But which word? There are so many lovely ones. And do you pick one that looks nice like ‘remember‘ or one that sounds powerful like ‘DEPEND‘?

So, in my search for the right ones, I am going to be a different word every day. Giving myself the allowance that perhaps it will not necessarily be an inspiring word each day (though non-inspiring words are incredibly useful too), I will only subject my readers to the Word(s) that inspire Story. On each post, you will see what Word I am that day, and whatever Story springs from it. Some stories may string together, and I’ll hint when that’s the case.

Alright, enough with the “tell us a little about yourself” portion of class. You can always learn more about me here on my full site or drop a line via the Connect page.

Now for the fun part- skip on over to the Today I Am ________. page and see what word we are today!