Today I am Frigid

The Story

“I’m not going to survive this one”

“You always say that.”

“This time it’s true. I can feel it. They’re waning, and so am I.”

Her words were almost lost in the chilled howl of wind.

“Those who still have festivals shouldn’t complain to those who don’t even get pronounced correctly anymore.”

“I’m sorry, Danu. I didn’t mean to-”

“It’s alright,” the taller woman leaned down to stroke the wheat colored hair of the younger, “you know I only tease.”

“You’ve done more than that to me this year, doll.” Came a voice dropping from a high branch to land in step with them.

“Oh hush, Aja. You know how the circle turns.”

“The circle can be a bit of a bitch…”


A smirk spread across the dark face under the green hood, “Sorry Momma, you know it was a hard summer on gals like me.”

“I don’t think this winter is much better.” Demeter shivered in the light snow, glaring at her sister.

“That my dear,” Aja called back as she jumped back up into the tall pines, “is because you do not appreciate all the growth that can happen in the quiet time.”

“She’s right, you know.” Danu’s deep voice resonated through the snowflakes around them.

Demeter was quiet for a moment, watching the ice melt around her feet. She concentrated on making the sleeping grass wake under her feet.

“If you do that,” Aja called, “it’ll just die. I told you, rest is important.”

Demeter rolled her eyes, “Thank you, oh great healer.”

“I’m all about let life live, honey.”

Danu pulled Demeter into her warm arms, “You need light, ma chiseler. I told you to wander a bit, find someplace warm.”

Demeter pushed herself away. “There’s no reason to be anywhere warm when I’m so cold inside.”

“Poor little Demi, all alone-“

“Shut UP!” Her wheat hair shone for a moment as if the sun sat behind her ears, and the trees surrounding them stood taller. “You have no idea what it’s like to have a child! To LOSE her!”

Aja jumped down, her dark nose inches from her sister’s pale face, “I’ve had to lose my fair share of loved little ones. Don’t you mistake my good mood for blissful ignorance.”

The wintered forrest shook with a berating gale, then was quiet for a moment. The pines seemed to lean in for what what happen next.

“Okay, sweetlings, alright,” Danu separated the two goddess with a small wave of her fingers, “We’re just missing a bit of sunlight.” Her hazel eyes turned to the sky, “Help me out a bit, Skaoi, your sisters need air.”

Another still moment, and then a cloud slowly drifted aside to let a little daylight through. Both angry women appeared to relax instantly. Demeter sighed, Aja rolled her shoulders.

“There we go. See, Demeter? A little light could really help.”

“Yes,” another sigh from the harvest, “yes perhaps you’re right. My apologies, Aja.”

Aja just kissed Demeter’s cheek in response.

“I think I’ll go look for that light beam.” Demeter curtsied to the other two, and then rode the wind into the air.

“It’s so cool how she does that.” Aja whistled.

“It is. But she would probably prefer ‘neat’ rather than a synonym of the cold.” Danu laughed, and the ground seemed to shake a bit, as if chuckling with her.

“Pfft, yeah.” Aja cracked her neck. Then, liking the feeling of movement, did the same to her fingers and then ankles.

They walked the forrest a while, Danu’s large footprints marking their path while Aja’s faded in an instant.

“Momma, I need to get some savory seeds. The cold is best for them.”

“Off to see Artio then? I’ll come with you, love.”

A cloud nudged it’s brothers, a chill shook the evergreens, and the forrest was empty again.

The Word

FRIGID (adjective): 1. Very cold in temperature. 2. Unable or unwilling to be sexually aroused and responsive. 3. Showing no friendliness or enthusiasm; stiff or formal in behavior or style.

It snowed again. I am tired of being cold. I was thinking about how nice it would be to just sleep through the winter like a big ol’ bear. And for some reason that got me to thinking about what do summer goddesses do during the winter? And that of course led me back to our bubbles gal, Demeter.

If you haven’t read up on her or her fellow growth goddess, Aja, I encourage you to! Then go on and read about Danu. You’ll find they have lots of flavors and variations, and I, as any selfish writer, picked the ones I liked best.

A short winter’s tale for ladies that didn’t get enough attention paid to their lore. We’ll talk with them again later.

In the mean time, curl up and stay calm- Spring is coming soon.