Story Collections

PHEW, it’s getting exciting in here, isn’t it? Although I can hear Sergeant Teak saying that exciting isn’t always a good thing, I think in this case, it’s cause for celebration!

It might also be cause for a cheat sheet* though- so I put one together for y’all. I don’t want to give away all my secrets, but for new readers or those who want to refresh themselves on certain story lines, check out the below. 

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Before you scroll down, just know- to be a proper cheat sheet, that does mean knowing which stories connect, meaning SPOILERS!

Story Collections


The Called

Today I am Yawn

Today I am Atonement

Today I am Remora

Today I am Daedal

Today I am Absorbed

Today I am Direction

Today I am Lost


Queen of Diamonds

Today I am Wretch

Today I am Retch

Today I am Chrysalis

Today I am Abscond 

Liza & Peter

Today I am Carry

Today I am Susurrus

Today I am Steady

Today I am Maternal

Today I am Bloom

The Swan (Pepper, Caroline, & Neal)

Today I am Effervescent

Today I am Alveolate

Today I am Apricate

Today I am Reconcile

Today I am Shatter

Today I am Wrangle

*Remember, these are just to help, and may or may not include all connections between stories/characters! Because where’s the fun in that? 😉