Today I am Nelipot (poem)

Hello lovely readers! I realized I’d written quite a few grim stories in a row so I thought I would do a short little bright-ner. Look at you lucky folks! A story AND a glimpse into my poetic side! I don’t mean to brag or anything, but I had the very esteemed Nikki Giovanni once call my poetry  “Nice! Good draft. But… not your focus, right? Right? Great, yeah that’s good.”


The Poem

Your gloom is but my sunrise!

Your dreams when I finally wake.

And when the sun has fallen,

Your treasure I hap’ly take!


Don’t bother trying to hide it,

But also, don’t you fret!

You won’t miss what I’m taking

And I’ll never owe you debt.


Thieving’s what I’m born for,

Stealing is my game,

And if you ventured with me,

I’m sure you’d feel the same!


In the nursery I was raised

But in the wild, built my trade

While you were sunshine walking,

Within the night I played!


So head to bed and eyes closed tight,

And fear not the bumps and hoots.

It’s just me and my fellows

gathering recruits!


We’ll try to keep it quiet,

and promise to be quick,

to gather all the yummies,

to chomp and bite and lick.


So before you say your prayers

and wishes off on stars

leave out your trash and scraps

so that the feast is ours!


The Word

Nelipot (noun): Someone who walks around barefoot

Can you tell I once taught little kids?

Our happy little narrator 🙂