Today I am Spite

The Story

Alright- it’s true. I took some time off.

Okay, more than some, come on, it was rough.

I could say we all needed it, but you’d call that bluff.

Or I hope you would, ’cause y’all know me well enough.


And in that bit of time, some mice thought they’d sneak

Into my trove of treasures, took a little peak.

And yes, though I welcome all who travel and seek,

I did the sowing, and now they did the reap!


So while I was engrossed in my morose cliche,

We passed each other on my self paved pathway.

And just like mice do when the cat goes astray,

They think that they’ve won, “Oh she’s gone, hooray!”


But no, my sweet dears, there’s no kitten here,

No gone-dry milk dish,

No whisker wept tears,

There’s something else that might awaken their fears.


For if mightier yet than the sword is the pen,

Than imagine lays waiting,

In a quill laden den,

And it’s rustling and rising and waking again.


The feather’s been dipped in what cools on the floor.

The ritual’s starting: They rage! They adore!

And whether to art, heart, or vengeance allegiance you swore,

There’s more to you coming- than ever before.

The Word

Spite (noun): a desire to hurt, annoy, or offend someone. (adj): deliberately hurt, annoy, or offend (someone).

I’m not a fan of the above definition of spite. It was the general thought from official sources though when I looked around. I think it’s one of those words that has gotten a little bit a ~vibe~ added to it through social usage. Because it was always my understanding that for it to truly be spite, it had to also bring a little bit of pain or unnecessary toil to the spite-er. Am I wrong? Do y’all also get that vibe?

Anyway, a beloved reader recently brought it to my attention that someone out there is suspiciously “Today I am”-ing on their blog in a very iiiiiinteresingly way. Now, I am in no way arrogant enough to think I was the first person to come up with the phrase “Today I am”, as there are many people who are, and will be many people who will. I mean, my God, think of all the people who have haved!

Let me tell ya though, there are few things that will kick a competitive writer out of their funk and into their ink-stained seat like someone coming on their turf! And who are writers/artists if not dramatic*? Would you even like us if we weren’t??

So I am back again, baby.

Because I like my turf, and I love my readers! And I like where a lot of these stories are going- so I hope you’ll stick around and find out with me. We’ve got a lot of new shorts coming, as well as updates on Liza, the Queen of Diamonds, and the whole gang!

*My favorite example of this to pull out at a party is that Mark Twain literally died at the right time just for the drama of it. The absolute king.