Today I am Demise

The Poem

On Death, And Loving You

If Death knocks on your door

He better rap mine too

If He doesn’t take me with Him

I’m coming after you

He’s granted mercy on the battle field

Looked away away when I was ill

But if He takes you from me

It’s His against my will

Like Orpheus I’ll travel

Like Hercules I’ll rise

And once I have you gathered

I’ll keep to good Lot’s eyes

I know Death’s to be honored

I know Death’s owed His due

But there’s no reason living

If I must do without you

So pay the ferry twice

And pack my things as well

Or ready Odin’s table

If there’s where we’re to dwell

But if Death will not take me

If He says I cannot go

Stop your mother’s mourning

For there’s no need for woe

We will depart together

Or we won’t depart at all

My love for you unceasing

And Death’s agreement, or downfall.

The Word

Demise (noun): 1. A person’s death. 2. Conveyance or transfer of property or a title by demising.
(verb) 1. Convey or grant (an estate) by will or lease.

This poem came from somewhere deep within me. I’m hesitant to explain- but I think we all can touch upon it. Be it sibling, partner, friend, we’ve had that unworldly blessed connection that we would go to the edge of the world for. And Easter, when Jesus drew the line and crossed it, seemed an appropriate time to celebrated such a blessed type of love.

Happy sunbathing, happy allergery-avoiding, happy egghunting, and as always- happy reading, dear reader.